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Buff Some Shine Into Your Vehicle With a Car Wax

Bring your car, truck, RV, or boat to Custom Hand Car Wash & Auto Detailing in Angleton, Texas to get your vehicle into pristine clean condition. We provide:

» Hand Car Washes » Auto Detailing » Waxing Services » Carpet Shampooing » Clay Bar & Buff

Hand Car Wash

Give your car some TLC with a hand car wash and auto detailing. We get into every nook and cranny and wipe your car so clean that you'll be able to see your reflection in it. Auto detailing includes:

» Exterior & Interior 100% Hand Car Wash
» Wheels & Tires Washed
» Interior Vacuumed
» Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
» Dash, Console, & Cup Holder Wipe Down

Carpet Shampoo Service

Remove most stains and odors for that new car smell. Come to us to get your carpet shampooed in your car, truck, SUV, dually, or Hummer®.

Hand Washed Truck and Car

Waxing & Detail

Choose from a variety of car waxing options to make your shiny clean car look last longer. We offer:

» Liquid Wax
» Express Wax
» Hand Wax
» Full Detail
» Interior Detail
» Buffing
» Clay Bar

Add-On Services

Customize your experience by adding any of the following services to your next wash. We make detailing your car easy. Choose from:

» Washing Services » Liquid Wax » Hand Wax » Spa Services

Wiping Car

Liquid Wax

Your car is sure to shine with this liquid wax service. Rates are:

»  Cars: $40 & Up
»  Small SUV & Small Truck: $45
»  Hummers & Large Trucks: See Attendant
»  Dually: See Attendant

Hand Wax

We'll buff out the dirt and get in the shine with this hand wax service. Rates include:

»  Cars: $60 & Up
»  Trucks: $70
»  Hummers & Large Trucks: See Attendant
»  Dually: See Attendant

Spa Services

Treat your vehicle to a spa day. Choose from:

»  Buffing: $125 & Up
»  Clay Bar, Dressing Interior, Or Exterior: See Attendant
»  Water Spot Removal & Wheel Polish: See Attendant

»  Shampoo Carpet: $45 & Up for Cars,
Please See Attendant for All Other Vehicles
»  Shampoo Seats: $40 & Up for Cars,
Please See Attendant for All Other Vehicles

Service Rates

Rates vary depending on the services requested. Please note that prices are subject to change based on your vehicle size.